Effective Investor Management Solutions in Milwaukee, Wauwatosa & West Allis, WI

An expertly managed portfolio of rental properties is a dependable source of income. When owning rental properties in the Wauwatosa, Milwaukee and West Allis areas of Wisconsin, you may need help. RENU Management is a great solution to help effectively manage your properties. When you use RENU, our expert team ensures your rentals are working hard for you. Our full-service, professional property management firm is dedicated to taking the daily details that income property ownership entails over for you. Save yourself headaches, expended time and resources that come with upkeep and tenant requests by hiring the professional firm of RENU Management.

Choosing the Best Investor Management Company to Fit Your Needs

Owning income properties means you must provide maintenance, meet the needs of your tenants and collect rents and fees. This is more than a full-time job. RENU Management, servicing Milwaukee, Wauwatosa and West Allis, WI, will take on those aspects of income property ownership plus more for you. Our experienced and dedicated staff understands how to make your properties turn a profit for you. Look to RENU Management for the following:

  • Setting & Collecting Rent – RENU’s approach can net you the optimal income for your properties and still provide a return on your investment. We take taxes, fees and general maintenance costs into consideration when we factor rents, leveraging periods of repairs and upkeep against static durations.
  • Property Inspections – Knowing the condition of your property is vital to ownership. Our team understands that delivering you accurate property inspection results is a key factor in the maintenance and care of your rental units.
  • Maintenance & Repairs – With an accurate inspection completed then a realistic expectation can be set regarding what maintenance and repairs need to be done. RENU Management staff then take care of arraigning that for you as well.
  • Assessing & Collecting Fees – Some fees are general ownership fees, and some are more extensive, like damages and repair work when tenants are still in residence. RENU’s team will take care of this duty as well, ensuring amounts are collected and distributed appropriately.

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Contacting RENU Management for your Investor Management Needs

RENU Management is a professional property management firm with offices across the nation. Our team takes care of the displeasures of owning investment properties. To understand the full scope of what RENU Management can do for you in the greater Milwaukee area, you can reach us at 1-888-310-7667 to schedule an analysis.