What Can A Property Manager Do in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

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What are a Property Manager's Responsibilities?

If you own a rental home in the Milwaukee area, you’ve probably dealt with renters, evictions, advertising, maintenance and all the other responsibilities that come with being a landlord. While it can be rewarding, the work load is hefty, especially if you own multiple properties.

But did you know you can make profits off your home without the hassle of managing the property yourself? A responsible property manager or management company can take up the mantel and become the face of your property to your tenants. Property managers are responsible for everything a landlord is and more. They market the home, fill vacancies, meet tenant needs and collect rent. They also have connections with contractors of all types across Milwaukee. From West Allis to Wauwatosa, a great property management service keeps you and your tenants happy.

Responsibilities for Tenant Services

The rental market in Milwaukee, Wauwatosa and West Allis is thriving. So how do you make your rental property appeal to the competitive market out there? A great property manager knows how to cut through the noise and welcome in the best tenants who apply.

A large part of a property manager’s responsibilities includes tenant affairs. From advertising your property on rental listings to collecting rent and handling troublesome tenants, a good property manager does it all. When tough tasks like evictions, collecting deposit and rent, terminating leases and keeping up safety standards come in, your property manager should have a thorough knowledge of tenant law in Wisconsin to complete the work ethically.

Maintenance & Home Upkeep Services

From frozen pipes to theft, there’s a lot that can go wrong in Milwaukee. When your rental property needs maintenance, repairs or just some extra security, your property manager can help. With connections to repair specialists for the accidents and a tough skin to handle tenant-related damages, you and your home are in good hands. Additionally, preventative maintenance like snow and trash removal, landscaping and extermination are services that keep you and your tenants happy.

Property Managers Generate Profit

When you really want your rental property in Milwaukee to be more profitable, get help from a property manager. As professionals, property managers are responsible for making you money, keeping tenants happy and maintaining your home. When you’re sick of collecting rent and dealing with tough renters, get help for your home Milwaukee, Wauwatosa or West Allis from RENU Management. Get a free rental analysis of your home or call us with questions at 888-310-7667 or contact us here.

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