Sell or Rent?

As spring draws near my conversations with home owners focuses on their options about whether to sell their home or hold and rent it out. As a property manager, I must admit that I’m favorable to the hold and rent strategy given the demand I’m seeing for single family home rentals in Milwaukee and surrounding counties. We could debate the many factors contributing to rental demand such as stagnant wages, the job market, student loan debt or the millennial mindset… But one thing is for sure; I can’t seem to find enough single family home inventory to satisfy the demand.

If you own a single family home and you’re not hard pressed to sell, the rental option is extremely viable. Most home owners are hesitant to consider leasing their home because of the headaches of being a Landlord. That’s why we’re trying to educate home owners about what a rental management company like Real Investor Management Southeast Wisconsin can do for a homeowner. Many times the home owners I speak with didn’t know a company like ours existed until a friend tells them about it.

RPM is trying to spread the word that if selling your current home is not necessary for you to purchase your next home, property management could be a great benefit. Imagine having a renter paying down your principle balance for you for a 7 year period before you try and list for sale. This is a way to build equity in your home in a market that’s seeing spotty appreciation.

Real Investor Management will place a tenant that is thoroughly screened and manage the ongoing relationship. We’ll oversee rent collection, maintenance, semi-annual property condition reviews, lease renewals and more.

A good property management company is a key to making your rental home as profitable as possible. We help owners refocus their attention to realize that their former home should be treated like a business.

Because we specialize in property management, we can help you turn your home into an income producing asset and relieve the burden of trying to do it yourself. Rental demand is strong and Real Investor Management Southeast Wisconsin has a need for home owners who see the many benefits in renting rather than selling.

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